End of Day One: It wasn’t terrible


August 12, 2013 by Wenda

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Albert Einstein   While I’m actually writing this at the beginning of day 2, it isn’t safe to say this post is about day two, because…  yawn… stretch… it’s 5:05am, and the kids are still asleep!

Yesterday I did my grocery shopping and I think I did pretty well, I will say this. I did NOT buy as much as I usually buy.  I stopped at three stores.

As you know from my initial post, I am concentrating mostly on purchasing things with ingredients I would find in my kitchen.

Number 1) Walmart.

I went to walmart mostly because I needed to get an inexpensive pair of sneakers for my youngest to wear for the last 3 weeks of summer camp and summer vacation.  I didn’t want to invest in her “school shoes” because there are still three weeks of summer shoe abuse that are scheduled.

It worked out well, because my ex-husband had the kids so it was easier for me to read labels.

I purchased a handful of items at Walmart as far as groceries go, Found a GREAT pair of sneakers. My final list was: Silk Vanilla Almond Milk, Organic half and half, and mozzarella cheese, 100% whole wheat pita.

Number 2) Farmer’s Market.

Farmer Market in my neck of the woods is not a Local farmers market.  It’s seems like it’s the off brand fruits and vegetables, the stuff that wasn’t quite good enough for the grocery stores at a fraction of the price.  This week I bought 10 gold delicious apples, green grapes, purple grapes, romaine lettuce and kale. (I have heard a lot about kale, but I have no idea how to use it… thank goodness for google) – oh and I cheated and got some fresh bread rolls…


Number 3) Trader Joes.

Love Trader Joes! I purchased nitrate free ham and all natural smoked turkey for sandwiches.  I picked up clover bee honey, almonds, all natural yogurt, and oat bran.

Now, before I went shopping I checked out my fridge and cabinets and I have a lot of stuff hanging around that i’m going to need to use.

Chicken legs, and various meats.  Pasta’s and cereals.

I was very mindful that there is no reason to waste food and decided to use what I already have and just incorporate better shopping habits into my weekly grocery shopping.  In this way the better products will slowly infiltrate my kitchen. 🙂

The challenge is going to be next week.   Next week we are going to on a 3 day vacation to a local amusement park.  We normally don’t eat too many treats and snacks at the park, because I pack a cooler, but dinner is usually local.

I imagine, if I start looking now, I might be able to find an organic restaurant or something in the area.  It is getting more and more popular.  Wish me luck,

Today I will be packing the kids sandwiches, fruit and water for lunches to take to camp and let them have a yogurt when they get home for a snack.

Tonight we will have the pita pizza’s.

Let me know how I’m doing?

What do you think about Almond Milk? Honestly, I didn’t read the label.  Because I have been buying this or Almond Breeze for about a year for my daughter who, we think, has digestive issues caused by regular milk.  I’ve also recently removed Red 40 from her diet, because even with lactose free dairy in her diet, she still sometimes has symptoms.

Have a great day!




2 thoughts on “End of Day One: It wasn’t terrible

  1. I laughed when you said you had “time to read the labels” without the kids! I know what you mean! We have completely cut dairy and wheat out (except for treats or if I make my own yogurt), but I think you’re doing great. The bread products (pitas and bread) usually have WAY too many ingredients, and if I do ever buy them, I keep it to the most simple label I can find. Bread in my house only takes like 4 ingredients, not 10-20 like the stores. And almost all dairy products (cream, yogurt, half and half, cheese) have either dyes or gums/thickeners (carrageenan, guar, etc). I don’t like the almond milks/rice milks, but we do use them sparingly on our grain-free granola or for a small serving to drink occasionally–calcium source. I think it’s just awesome that you’re changing, and I think you’re doing super! We identified lots of food intolerances this way!

  2. Cosmic Sol says:

    I love supporting local farmers markets. Cheap and fresh ingredients!

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