Day Two – This Really Isn’t so bad


August 14, 2013 by Wenda

I think the bit about living a more non-processed life … FOR ME… is going to be more about shopping.   I’m not a European shopper, where I go to the market every few days, I’m more of a Costco shopper, where I load up my refrigerator and freezer like I’m building a lego tower.

One thing I realized last week is, even though I went shopping… I already had a ton of food.  So, I don’t think this lift style change will really hit me until I choose to replace my staples.

BTW, the granola recipe that I had on the Day One page was FREAKING AWESOME!  My kids and I have been eating that for snacks and morning cereal.

Of course, I am mindful that anything delicious is wonderful for the first week… and perhaps maybe I can stretch it out to the second week… but … for the rest of our lives… I would imagine that we will get tired of the granola, however I am going to put it in the recipe page that I’m going to build, slightly modified as I didn’t have all of the ingredients.

My challenge is going to be lunches.

ESPECIALLY with school coming.

I’m a lunch packer and always have been.  The only time I let them buy lunches is if there is a special occasion and they want the pizza that’s offered, usually on 1/2 days.

BUT WAIT… here’s a question for you.

If you are living an unprocessed lifestyle, what do you do about the millions of classroom parties that the kids have that provide cupcakes, cookies and candies?

Well, that will all be a bridge that I can see on the road ahead, but not one I have to cross today.

Yesterday we had egg & ham sandwiches for breakfast and they were delicious.  My middle daughter however, complained about always feeling SAD after she eats… and I will take that as just another indication that I need to ditch the refined bleached (but oh so delicious) white bread kaiser rolls for a more nutritious and whole grain roll.

I don’t want to… but I think I might have to start experimenting with… baking bread.

Good easy tasty recipes are welcome!

Have a great day!





One thought on “Day Two – This Really Isn’t so bad

  1. “Lego tower.” LOL! Me, too! I think I’ve got it down to 1-2 days per week now!

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