Day 3 – of my real food challenge: Is Scavenging cheating?


August 15, 2013 by Wenda

Yesterday I went to the office.  I brought my homemade granola and drank my lovely chia tea.  I typed and typed and worked and worked, diligently concentrating on the work at hand, until the wonderful odiferousness of Portuguese takeout wafted towards my desk.  My taste buds EXPLODED in my mouth and I suddenly couldn’t concentrate on anything other than what must be contained in that delicious smelling cardboard topped tin container.

In the office, we have a cabinet.  It’s an ancient seemingly cast iron cabinet with old file drawers as sturdy as a station wagon, and this cabinet now serves the sole purpose of holding the morning mail at solar plexus level and providing a display area for “food up for grabs”.

The usual fare is bagels and cream cheese, donuts or an occasional slice of pizza or two. As long as I don’t walk past, or at least keep my eyes averted, I can usually overcome the urge to grab something and eat it. Unfortunately, I’m a sucker for something that smells delicious.

Today, I was waiting patiently for the … left-overs.

(The mom martyr in me, started thinking about the kids at camp. With their measly lunchboxes containing sandwiches of no nitrate turkey, homemade granola and an apple….for about a second.)

Finally I see the email, announcing the delicious remnants that are up for grabs.

I pause only for a moment to reflect on my sudden and uncontrollable urge to eat something salty, savory, dripping with fat…. and I head to the cabinet.

With magnificent self control, I spoon only the rice, that delicious salty yellow rice with peas onto my plate…. and then as I turn to walk away, I see them… three gorgeous Portugese rolls… screaming their freshness at me… practically dancing off the top of the cabinet into my hands…

That was yesterday.  Day 3.


I’m a big believer of Karma… it teaches us lessons about ourselves and how we treat others… but more importantly, how we treat ourselves, how we talk to our selves and what we really mean when we have those internal conversations.


Today I’m working from home.  WITHOUT EVEN THE POSSIBILITY of a cabinet to miraculously display food to plunder.  You don’t know me, but I’m all about possibilities.  I’m all about positive action and choices and a little bit (ok a lot) about settings goals and my karma had set me here in my lovely home office, with birds tweeting and pandora’s soothing new age tones… teaching me the lesson of self control.

I can’t help but think, if I hadn’t eaten ALL THREE of the Portugese rolls is my karma would be concentrating on some other lesson right now!   🙂

This is almost the end of the first week of having attempted to only buy non-processed foods.  That means… that all of the junk I had in the cabinets was eaten and the good foods that I bought were eaten… so, I feel like next week is really going to be a test.

Tomorrow is Friday, I usually do my food shopping on either Saturday or Sunday, (because it seems like when we are all home, we eat a ton, so I wait to shop until we are mostly not going to be in the house) but due to a ton of things going on, I’m going to do it Friday.

So, this is going to put the challenge in the 90 day challenge… because, no only will I be restocking some essentials… I will also be buying for the first week, where the kids and I will be home starting our Stay-cation.   Home for 4 days, away for 3.

I don’t know what is going to be more of a challenge of the 7 days… the home for 4… where the cries and whines of “But I’m hungry” with the reply of “Then have an apple” will resound and be repeated so many times I might as well carry around a pre-recorded reply on a handheld device… or the three days away, where I will have breakfast free, pack our lunches and have to go out for dinner.


I know.  It’s time to fire up the search engines and come up with the plan!

I appreciate everyone’s encouraging comments…  Your tips and tricks are be greatly appreciated!


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One thought on “Day 3 – of my real food challenge: Is Scavenging cheating?

  1. Then have an apple…yep. That’s what I said so many times. Or a carrot.

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