I have a love hate relationship with the “about” page…  I love to read other peoples About page because it gives me a sense of where they are coming from… and their intended destination… however, I don’t care for writing my own about page.

Feels too much like I’m trying to sell something, know what I mean?

Anyway, I’ll say this… I’m in the process (no pun intended) of redefining what is considered a normal diet in my home.  And this is my daily journal of my journey from chicken nuggets to … something other than chicken nuggets. 🙂

I am hoping in the next 90 days that I will see a difference in our overall health.  Two of my children are overweight and my third that isn’t overweight struggles with constipation.  One of my overweight children is ALWAYS hungry.  Two of my kids have allergies and exercise induced asthma.



One thought on “About

  1. Cosmic Sol says:

    Good for you! I think you will find you feel better overall when switching to real food!!

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